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ar!" "Which one■?" "The one with the straw hat on the back of■[Pg


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107] his head. It can't be—but i●t is—it's the Relative." "The one you told● me of that fired you out and cut you off w●ith a sh

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illing?" "Yes. Uncle Simon. No●, it's not, it can't be. It is, though, in■ a straw hat." "And squiffy," said Foulk■es. Bob

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by got up and, leavin●g the other, strolled to the● bar casually. The man at the ba●r was toying with a glass of sod■a-water suppl

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ied to him on sufferance. ●Bobby got close to him. Yes, that was the r■ight hand with the white scar●—got when a young man "huntin

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t Uncle Simon was in the of●fice in Old Serjeants' Inn. Un●cle Simon, seated at his desk-table wi■th his back to the big John Tann

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safe, had bee■n in bitter mood; not angry, but stern. Bobby● seated before him, hat in hand, had ■offered no apologies or exculpati

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ons for his ■conduct with girls, for his stupid engagemen■t, for his idleness. He had many bad faul●ts, but he never denied them, n

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or di■d he seek to minimise them by e■xplanations and lies. "I tried to floa●t you," had said Uncle Simon, as● though Bobby wer

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e a company. "I have failed. We■ll, I have done my duty, and I[Pg 108] clearly■ see that I will not be doing my du●ty by continuing

Dictum tinciduntdiam

as I have done; ■the allowance I have made you is ended.● You will now have to swim for you■rself. I should never have put money i

n your ha■nds; I quite see that." "I ●can make my own living," said Bobby. "I a■m not without gratitude for what● you have done——" "And a nice way you● have shown your gratitude," said the other, "●tangling yourself like that—g■aming, frequenting bars." So ■the interview had ended. Frequen

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ting■ bars! "Unc

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le Simon!" said Bobby half-nervou■sly, touching the other on the● arm. Uncle Simon swung slowly round.■ Bobby might have been King Canute fo■r all Uncle Simon knew. He had got beyond the st■age where the word "uncle" from a stranger woul■d have aroused ire or s

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urprise. "H


re ●you?" sai


Simon. "Ha


a drink?"


Yes, it wa■s Uncle Simon right

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    enough, and ●Bobby, in all his life, had never received■ such a shock as that which came to

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    h●im now with the full recognit■ion of the fact. St. Paul's Cathedral ●turned into a gambli

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    ng-shop, the Bishop of Lond■on dressed as a clown, would have been[Pg 1■09] nothing to this.

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    He was horrifi●ed. He came to the swift conclu●sion that Uncle Simon had come to smash● so

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    mehow, and gone mad. A vague● idea flew through his mind that hi■s respected relative was dr

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    es●sed like this as a disguise to avoid creditor●s, but he had sense enough not to ●ask que

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    stions. "I don't mind," said ●he; "I'll have a small soda." "Small grandmot■her," said

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    n doing?" asked Bobby v■aguely, as he took the glass.■ "Roun' the town—roun' the town,"?/p>

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    ?replied the other. "Gl'd to meet you. Wha■t've you been doin'?" "Oh, I've just been g●o

    but Fou

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lkes, a man of tough

ing round the town." "Rou●n' the town, that's the way—r●oun' the town," replied the other●. "Roun' an' roun' and roun' th■e town." Foulkes broke into this intellectual● discussion. "I'm off," said Foulkes. "S■tay a minit," said Uncle Simon. "What'll you ha■ve?" "Nothing, thanks," said Foulkes. ■"Come on," said Bobby, taking the ■arm of his relative. "W'ere● to?" asked the other, hanging ba■ck slightly. "Oh, we'll go round the?/p>


?town—round and round. Come on." T

er fi■bre, seemed q uite happy. "What ails y■ou, Ravenshaw?" asked F
oulkes. "Not●hing, " said Bobby. "No, I won't have any more■ to drink. I
've work to do——" T hen he ●stopped and stared before him with eyes w■id
e. "What is it now?" asked Foul●kes. "Good Lord!" said
Bobby.■ "Look at that chap at the b


hen t●o Foulkes, "Get a taxi, quick!" Fo●ulkes vanished towards the door. ■ Then S

imon, falling in with the ■round-the-town idea, arm-in-arm, th●e pair threaded t

heir way betw■een t

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